Swiss Driving Vignette

Leave it to the Swiss to be efficient even on the highways! In lieu of pesky tolls, motorists simply purchase a vignette that allows passage on all roadways. The vignettes are available at tourist offices, post offices, garages and customs posts at the border. If you buy at the border, you can pay the agent who stands outside in CHF, EUR, GBP or USD. If you must use a credit card, you can park, go inside the onsite customs office and purchase it there.

The vignettes are valid until the end of January the year after you buy it. A certain grace period is built in since we bought ours in January 2012 and it is valid through January 2013.

If you are caught driving on an expressway without a vignette, you will have to pay a fine as well as the cost of the vignette.

As of January 2012, the cost of a vignette was €40.

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