Trier Market

Trier Christmas Market

The first Christmas market we checked out was in Trier. Trier is the oldest town in Germany and located in the picturesque Moselle region near the Luxembourg-Germany border. Previously, I had only been to Trier to purchase essentials in its enormous furniture stores, so I was delighted to see what else it had to offer.

Trier’s Christmas market is located in the middle of the town on the Main Market and Cathedral Square. Approximately 100 booths sell decorations, toys, candles, glassware and other gifts. Food vendors offer local wines and traditional German dishes such as potato pancakes, gingerbread and bratwurst. Oh, and of course there’s glühwein!

The Romans founded Trier in the 1st century B.C. At that time, it was named Augusta Treverorum and spanned 700 acres within its walls. By the 2nd century A.D., it had become a great trading center and by the end of the 3rd century it was one of the capitals of the Tetrarchy (the Roman Empire was divided into four parts). During this time, Trier also earned the nickname “The Second Rome.” Then, the Franks seized control, then the French, then the Germans.

Today, about 100,000 people live in Trier. Although it was heavily bombed during WWII, a number of historical structures remain.

Trier’s market is open 21 November – 22 December 2011, M-Sat. 10.00-20.30, Sun. 11.00-20.30

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