Houses lining the hill

Ascona is considered Locarno’s lakeside twin. It is located just across the Maggia delta on the north tip of Lake Maggiore.

Ascona is a once-tiny fishing port turned popular resort town. Writers, artists and celebrities such as Paul Klee, Hermann Hesse and Carl Jung all sought refuge in Ascona’s sunny lakeside setting.

Bright buildings line Ascona’s narrow streets

Though the retail here is geared toward satisfying tourist’s urges, it’s fun to wander the mostly pedestrian-only streets and take in the ambience.

View toward the lake

The village’s rambling lanes radiate from the church, San Pietro e Paolo, right in the center of town.

All streets lead to the main attraction, Piazza Motta, the cobbled lakeside promenade. Here, colorful houses, cafes and arcades look out onto Lake Maggiore. Thanks to the mild climate, the view can be enjoyed year-round.

Lakeside promenade

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