Hill Country

Dense fog hovered over the hills

Though this region was only a few hours from the Cultural Triangle, it was an entirely different topography, weather and ambiance. We started climbing the windy, steep, narrow roads and marveled at the lush tea plantations, thick foliage and gushing waterfalls. Fog blanketed the region, and the temps were chilly enough to warrant jackets.

Waterfalls flowed all around us


Looking down

The tea plantations were just like wineries, with their bold signage claiming land and plant ownership. Some of the best tea in the world grows here.

One of many tea plantations


The Anglo plantations are constant reminders that Sri Lanka (then known as Ceylon) was a British colony until the mid-20th century.

Steep hills of tea


Many of the field workers are descendants of Tamils, who originally arrived from southern India in the late 19th century. When Great Britain granted the country independence in 1948, the new Sinhalese government stripped the Tamils of their voting rights, which led to the war that only recently ended in 2009.

Field workers dotting the landscape


Along the way, we stopped at a few fresh produce stands.

Fresh veggies were plentiful


Roadside fruit stand


This one sold roast corn on the cob



There was no shortage of wildlife, especially around the food sites.

Hoping for a snack

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