Sinharaja Rainforest

We drove to Sinharaja Rainforest, which is the largest surviving tract (190 sq km) of undisturbed lowland rainforest in Sri Lanka. The general topography is hills and valleys, surrounded by two rivers which feed steep waterfalls. It’s endless lush greenery, loud with birds and rainfall. 

Most of the flora and wildlife are endemic. 

We went out with guides to hike, birdwatch and look at flora and fauna. It was hard to take any photos since there were few open areas.

We stayed in Rainforest Eco Lodge, which was like staying in a treehouse. 

Each chalet is constructed from 2.5 shipping containers and sit on stilts above a previously cultivated tea patch. The interiors are finished with recycled bamboo paneling, and the large windows overlook the forest canopy. 

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