Calves Rejoice!

Premier Veal


Premier Veal Demolition


Goodbye Premier Veal, hello Whitney Museum!
During my morning runs, I’ve marked the passage of time by the changes along the Hudson River. Every day, I observed a new building’s progress or monitored the redevelopment along the piers. I’ve witnessed the once-desolate and dilapidated western-most blocks from Chelsea to Tribeca transform from prostitutes and porn to couture and condos as the gentrification that started on Ninth Avenue spread further and further west until it started absorbing the blocks that are not on any tourist’s list, much less any New Yorker’s.

I  should not have been surprised when, early one morning, I glanced toward Gansevoort and caught the in-process demolition of one of my favorite meatpacking district buildings. In the breaking morning light, the half-demolished structure looked like a ravaged carcass. Since it only takes a day or two to tear down a building, I cut my run short, ran home and returned with my camera. The crew was starting to show up and one of the men generously opened up the construction gate so I could get some shots.

Here’s the new Whitney:


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