The village of Damme is five km from Bruge and well worth the short drive or bike ride along tree-lined canals.   I particularly liked the whimsical signs that adorned the buildings.

la parapluie

First purchase for our new home! We passed by a flea market and this pitcher-turned-umbrella holder caught Angelo’s eye. Opting to sightsee rather than lug it around, we decided to take our chances. Hours later, upon return, I waited on a stone wall with our parcels (hard to negotiate prices when one has obviously been…

In Brugge

  I had my doubts about how The Venice of the North would compare. I’ve been to other places called the So-and-So of Such-and-Such, and guess what? Generally, it’s better for cities to  claim their own identities because otherwise visitors get all excited and are, of course, subsequently let down. However, although Brugge is teeny-tiny, it…